Acupuncture against Enuresis nocturna.

15 -20% of five year olds, 5% of 10 year olds and 2 to 3% of all young people wet the bed at least once a month. Usually treatment is in the form of behavioural therapy and drugs. But acupuncture is also used.

In a Turkish study the effectiveness of traditional Chinese acupuncture is tested on 50 children and young people (23 boys) between the ages of 9 and 18. The effectiveness of the treatment was excellent. Within 6 months 86% of the patients were completely dry, 10% almost dry (in at least 80% of the nights). The relapse quota up to now is only 5% – with a maximal period of observation of 17 months.

Source: Der Heilpraktiker/Volksheilkunder 4/2003

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