Acupuncture banishes hay-fever

More and more people suffer from so-called pollen allergies and really would like to flee to regions where these trees and bushes do not exist. But as this is seldom possible, allergy sufferers must find relief in other ways. Meanwhile therapies get better and better. As well as a new generation of substances, which no longer make you tired, it is (…) possible to reduce the allergic reaction with the help of acupuncture.

Alongside medicinal treatment, acupuncture is becoming increasingly important. A study carried out on behalf of health insurance companies and concluded last year, showed that the Asian method of treatment to be just as effective as Antihistamine substances. However the needle pricks are much better for the body as a whole which is why more and more doctors are offering this therapy.

Just a few treatments with acupuncture can already bring about an improvement. The doctor places thin needles at specific points in the skin on the head and in the ear. During the 20 to 30 minutes that the needles are in place, the patient already feels an initial relief from the symptoms. “There are patients who, after two to three treatments have no more symptoms,” says Helmut Rüdiger, Committee Member of the German Doctors’ Society for Acupuncture.

Source: Handelsblatt N° 32, 15.02.2005

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