Backache pricked away

Düsseldorf – special acupuncture, combined with conventional-orthopaedic measures, improves the treatment of chronic back pain (Pain 99, 2002, 587-597).

This has been discovered by Orthopaedist Albrecht F. Molsburger together with researchers at the UNI Düsseldorf. 186 patients took part in “the most thorough study of this kind up to now”. “From Chinese and western specialist literature we have filtered out the essence of prick combinations most suitable for acupuncture therapy,” Molsberger explains the procedure.

Based on Molsberger’s information, three months after ending the treatment the general practitioners who were not involved in the study, established that pain was reduced by at least 50% in 77% of the specially-treated patients. In both control groups not even one third of those affected had reached this goal.

Source: Ärtzliche Praxis Nr. 92 / 2002

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